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Soul Made: Replicars Scale Models


Soul Made: Replicars Scale Models. It’s easy to find a company that makes a diecast of your car at the make and model level, but unless yours is spec’d just like the one in the dealer catalog, chances for a perfect match are slim. Not to worry though, for there’s a Frenchman named Steph with fine motor skills and a 3D printer who will work up an exacting replica for you.

Steph grew up in a family well versed in vehicles, and his passion for models came on early in the form of a five-year-old Steph hanging around the shop and asking his father, who did body and paintwork, to respray his Majorette toys whenever they lost enough of their original coat. His father could only spend so much time away from his day job painting real cars to mask off the windows and wheels of his sons toys however, so young Steph took it upon himself to upgrade his fleet on his own.

Steph will mix batches of paint to perfectly match OEM or Pantone colors, or if necessary, replicate full-car liveries. He’ll make a bucket seat the size of a field mouse and upholster it, too. If your gear lever is brushed aluminum, it will look like brushed aluminum in your model. If your car is right-hand drive but you can only find left-hand drive versions in miniature, Steph will swap that tiny dashboard and the pedal box around for you. Engine bay missing some details? Steph will add turbos, piping, and whatever else is needed to ape the real thing. The end result of all the hunting and tweezing of small bits of metal and plastic and textile is an object worthy of sentimental attachment—just like their full-size inspirations.

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