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The Copy of the Tesla Cybertuck: Aitekx Robotruck


The Copy of the Tesla Cybertuck: Aitekx Robotruck. Aitekx Robotruck Emerges as a Cybertruck Challenger at LA Auto Show

In a surprising twist at the Los Angeles Auto Show, attendees expecting the unveiling of the highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck were instead met with the sight of the Aitekx Robotruck, a bold imitation of Elon Musk’s electric pickup.

Aitekx, a name previously unheard of in the automotive world, showcased its Robotruck on a small stand, leaving visitors questioning the fate of the much-anticipated Cybertruck. The newcomer boldly claims to offer an EPA-rated range of 550 miles (885 km), accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds, and boasts a top speed of 125 mph (200 km/h). These figures, however, raise eyebrows, bordering on the realm of unrealism, as they outshine the Tesla Cybertruck in every aspect. The lack of detailed information on the battery, weight, and motor further contributes to this skepticism, despite the slightly smaller dimensions compared to the Cybertruck.

Aitekx asserts that the presented prototype is not just for show, having undergone several testing sessions on the road. However, a video confirmation is awaited to validate this claim. The vehicle’s adjustments and finishes appear somewhat rudimentary, though it’s worth noting that even Tesla had its share of rough edges on its early prototypes.

The Robotruck is slated for release in 2025 with an announced price tag of $40,000. The ambitious pricing strategy, if realized, would position the Aitekx offering as a compelling alternative to the Cybertruck, given its purported superior specifications. As the automotive world waits for more details and concrete evidence of the Robotruck’s capabilities, it remains to be seen whether Aitekx can deliver on its promises and disrupt the electric pickup market.

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