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The Making of Audi RS models – From Design to Production


The Making of Audi RS models – From Design to Production. The RS models from Audi Sport GmbH are the dynamic spearheads of their respective product lines. They have a strong character that consists of distinct design differentiation, full everyday usability, effortless top performance, and a thrilling driving experience. This results from a relentless focus on minute details by the designers and development and test engineers, and it is perfected over numerous test drives around the world. There is a behind-the-scenes look at development work.

Twelve models in the portfolio: The RS initiative is underway

The RS model offensive is in full swing: The sporty subsidiary of AUDI AG already has twelve RS models in its portfolio: the RS 3 as a Sportback** and Sedan**, the RS 4 Avant**, the RS 5 as Coupé** and Sportback**, the RS 6 Avant**, the RS 7 Sportback**, the TT RS as Coupé** and Roadster**, the RS Q3** and the RS Q3 Sportback**, as well as the RS Q8**. Eight of these models were only introduced in 2019, and Audi Sport GmbH already has many more ideas up its sleeves for the near future.

Future RS models will enhance the range relatively soon after the launch of the respective base product lines. That means that their characteristics will be defined at a very early stage and that their development will run alongside work on the corresponding product line upon which they are based. In addition to design, this work will focus on powertrain and suspension. After all, the aim is to bring the sporty DNA that every Audi carries to the fore as much as possible.

Modern efficiency is one of the fundamental goals here. With the RS 6 Avant**, RS 7 Sportback**, and RS Q8**, the list of ingredients already includes a sophisticated mild hybrid system based on the 48-volt on-board electrical system as well as cylinder deactivation (COD) in the V8 TFSI engine under partial load. Needless to say, these functions must also be implemented in an RS-typical way. “Fine-tuning” is the magic word when it comes to the long road that is the development of a spectacular RS model. “A unique character will only evolve if we work consistently and with great precision. A lot of experience and a clear visionare the keys to creating a coherent overall concept,” says Oliver Hoffmann with certainty.

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