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The MG Cyberster – EV Sports Car with 500 mile range, 0-62mph in sub 3 0s


The MG Cyberster – EV Sports Car with 500 mile range, 0-62mph in sub 3 0s. MG today sells a lineup of crossovers and sedans, but the historic British brand is best remembered for spritely roadsters of the 20th century. We’re talking cars like the MG TF and cult classic MG B.

The automaker on Friday revealed the first photos of a concept that’s set to be revealed later this month at Auto Shanghai 2021, and it possibly foreshadows a return to those roadster roots.

The new concept is called the Cyberster, and it’s a two-door roadster with battery-electric power. MG is short on details but has said there’s 5G connectivity, 0-62 mph acceleration in under three seconds, and a battery good for 500 miles of range. We should point out the range estimate is based on test cycles used outside the United States and would likely come in lower based on the EPA’s methodology.

The concept uses LED technology to simulate the round headlights of MG’s classic roadsters, while at the rear there’s a bold Kamm tail shape and taillights that look like the Union Jack-style design introduced by fellow British brand Mini on its own cars.

Might the Cyberster be production-bound? The last we heard, MG is planning to launch an electric sports car this year but it will be a coupe and not a roadster. This suggests the Cyberster isn’t production-bound, something backed by a statement made by MG that the concept only points to the future technology and design of the brand.

More information, including potentially MG’s plans for a future sports car, will be revealed following the debut at the Shanghai auto show on April 21.

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