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The Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Was Worth The Wait – Petrolicious


The Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Was Worth The Wait – Petrolicious. We’ve partnered with the Porsche Club of America on exclusive Petrolicious Memberships, including the limited-edition Founding Membership, to bring together two groups of passionate Porsche fanatics. PCA Members can sign up now and received a complimentary copy of our upcoming 2019 Porsche Yearbook, more details here: https://petro.li/PetroPCA

Celebrating 50 years of anything is an achievement, that’s why this 911 50th Anniversary holds special meaning for Manuel Trueba, for he also turned 50 this year. Every detail, from trim to color, is there for a reason – it harkens back to the very first 911. His love for Porsche dates back to a Christmas morning when he received a special gift that ignited his passion for the 911. Ever since then he has endured waitlists, being told he can’t have one, until now. Take a journey to beautiful Mexico and watch his story and see how he realized his dream. Was the wait worth it? We’ll let Manuel tell you. This film was made in partnership with the Porsche Club of America www.pca.org.

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