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The Range Rover Classics: One Family, Three 4x4s


The Range Rover Classics: One Family, Three 4x4s. You might remember the Caccavos from one of our earlier films, wherein we visited Dean, DonnaRae, and Austin to profile the family and their trio of BMW 5-Series, and although the M5 is a certifiable heirloom at this point, on our most recent check-in with them we found a group of British trucks in place of the German sedans. Range Rovers have been a part of Dean and DonnaRae’s lives for decades now, but when their son Austin—who basically grew up in the back seat of one—started to view the SUVs as more than just suburban familymobiles with lots of leg room, the Caccavos found themselves experiencing a kind of Range Rover renaissance that saw each of them owning a Classic from the early 1990s. Better yet, they are using the trucks to the full range of their capabilities, from Home Depot runs to snowboarding excursions to exploring the woods for the sake of it.

See the photoshoot and read more here: https://petro.li/RangeRoverGallery

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