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The Sound of Bentley’s Hybrid V8 Replacing the W12 engine


The Sound of Bentley’s Hybrid V8 Replacing the W12 engine. Bentley is ushering in a new era of automotive performance with its latest innovation, the Ultra Performance Hybrid powertrain. This new system is set to replace the legendary W12 engine, marking a significant evolution in Bentley’s engineering. Delivering the highest power output in Bentley’s history, this hybrid V8 engine enhances both dynamism and efficiency, setting the stage for a new generation of daily supercars. The transition underscores Bentley’s commitment to combining traditional combustion engines with cutting-edge technology to boost performance, continuing a legacy that began with supercharging in the 1920s.

The Ultra Performance Hybrid is not just a step up in power with over 750 PS and a 50-mile electric-only range; it represents a leap forward in environmental consciousness, boasting a CO2 emission figure under 50 g/km according to the WLTP cycle. This shift is timely as Bentley prepares to retire its 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 engine this summer, after a production run that saw over 105,000 units in two decades. The new hybrid system is expected to establish a new benchmark for electrified luxury performance vehicles, demonstrating Bentley’s dedication to advancing power and sustainability simultaneously.

Bentley has also tantalized enthusiasts with a preview of the new engine’s sound, showcasing a robust cross-plane bass and a vibrant, free-revving growl, which contrasts dramatically with the silent operation mode when running on electricity alone. This new development is a part of Bentley’s ambitious Beyond 100 strategy, aiming to make all its models available with hybrid options. As Bentley transitions from its iconic W20 and current non-hybrid V8 engines—still available in limited numbers through its global retail network—this new hybrid powertrain is set to redefine luxury performance for the future.

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