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This 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Led to a Racing Career


This 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Led to a Racing Career. “Driving this car through the hills is a great experience. There’s really nothing else on your mind when you’re going through the gears, and onto the brakes into a corner, and then accelerating through…” says Addison Lee. “There’s nothing else that you’re thinking about…it’s almost like taking a vacation after going for a drive in a car like this.”

The relationship Addison has with his 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback is quite special, as it’s been his car since he was a teenager. Just about the only thing on the car that was complete when he bought the car? The Shelby GT 350 look-alike paint, so Addison decided to get some mileage out of that improvement and just hasn’t gotten around to changing it.

His father, Don, helped him put the car together to go to school in, and it’s been in the family ever since. Addison’s Mustang has influenced his career, too: he’s currently a competitor in the SCCA Spec Mustang series. “Cost us a lot of tires, a lot of brake pads,” his father says, “but I know it was the foundation for him being a very accomplished race driver.”

Though Addison’s car is not a Shelby GT 350, it’s been treated to a number of serious performance upgrades, including a 347 stroker with “about 430 horsepower and the same amount of torque,” he says. His racing experience means the car’s suspension and brakes have also been overhauled, so that it handles “a lot better”.

“In my mind, there are few other cars that are as fun to drive,” he says of the Mustang. “The way they smell and even feel is something, for me, that’s hard to beat.”

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