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This Dinalpin A110 Moves With A Gorgeous Anger


This Dinalpin A110 Moves With A Gorgeous Anger. “My favorite part about the car…is probably that I own it,” says the owner of this Dinalpin A110, David Griffiths. “I’ve wanted one of these for thirty-odd years. I finally managed to find one—in America of all places…[and] I’m not going to let it go.”

Growing up in a car family, David was always interested in quick machines but never really saw anything like this tiny sports car until he was in that country for school exchanges—and he was hooked. “I’d see these little French cars buzzing around the countryside, cars we never used to get in England. They were designed for mountain passes. With the engine in the back, you could really push it and throw the car into a turn…it kind of intrigued me.”

Through years of patience and some good fortune, he finally tracked down his dream car—and he’s only the machine’s third owner. When David got the car, it had been sitting, but this enthusiastic driver wasn’t going to let his sports car languish in a garage.

“I needed to get the car running. That was the first step. Then after taking it on a couple of events, I realized it just wasn’t going to keep up with anybody…it couldn’t get out of its own way.”

Now with subtle upgrades to improve reliability, drivability, and performance, David’s Dinalpin is going to be getting canyon road workouts for years to come.

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