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This Lotus Super Seven Adds Lightness


This Lotus Super Seven Adds Lightness. “There’s a certain demand for a driver’s car that optimizes handling weight, exposure to the elements, and that very visceral experience that sort of makes you have to take a shower after driving it—for all the right reasons—you’ve got rocks in your hair and everything else.”

Geoff Wise’s Lotus Super 7 is not only an elemental sports car, but an opportunity for curious onlookers to wonder, “What the–?”

“People will just come up and talk to you,” he says.

In a first for Petrolicious, you’re looking at a ‘kit’ car. In order to get around a hefty import tax on British vehicles imported into the U.S., the car was supplied in part form, along with ‘disassembly’ instructions from Lotus that were intended to be followed in reverse… As a result, many 7s have been developed, customized, and lovingly altered over the years to suit its owner’s wishes.

Wise loves driving, so this 7 has been built for that—can you get a more pure driving experience than this ex-race car for the street? Probably not; the Lotus 7 is a legend for a reason, after all.

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