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This Porsche 912 Is Perfectly Imperfect


This Porsche 912 Is Perfectly Imperfect. “…The color is crazy, like a Beetle or a Bus. It makes people smile. Always.”

Porsche owner Antoine Gaslais and his 1967 912—the four-cylinder 911—are the perfect pairing for a relaxing drive.

Gaslais is a screenprinter by trade, with experience in advertising, illustration, graphic design, and publishing. At this point in his life, he’s able to focus his efforts on his artistic endeavors. A few years ago, he decided to search for his perfect Porsche 912. After nearly five years, Gaslais was finally ready to call a close friend and say…

“Listen man, I did something stupid. I bought a car.”

It didn’t run. But it was numbers-matching, had been well-used, and wore its patina well—the perfect car for an enthusiast on a tight budget who was obsessed with finally getting behind the wheel and motoring, ’60s style. His friend Julien helped get the car running, and on the first big trip it was to take…well, we’ll let Gaslais tell the full story in the film.

Now, he’s enjoying the performance of his brightly-colored Bahama Yellow 912.

“These days, I’ll admit, when I get in the car it no longer feels like a mistake…” he says.

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