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Toyota C-HR 2.0 Hybrid


Toyota C-HR 2.0 Hybrid. Toyota C-HR 2.0 Hybrid. Toyota C-HR vehicles are manufactured in Turkey and are equipped with one of three engine options: 1.2L turbocharged petrol (116 HP), 1.8L hybrid (122 HP) and 2L hybrid (184 HP). . With.). Hybrids are presented only with front-wheel drive, and the gasoline engine is presented with front-wheel drive or permanent all-wheel drive.

This car for the city is an alternative to hatchbacks: with the same low ground clearance. In our car, it is 142 mm. The petrol version has a ground clearance of 154 mm.

All optics are LED. The headlights are adaptive and do not blind oncoming drivers. The rear lights have dynamic direction indicators.

Car dimensions

Length — 4395 mm, width — 1795 mm, height — 1555 mm. Wheelbase — 2640 mm. Weight — 1600 kg.

Decorative black C-HR plastic trims on the sides with a curved profile make the machine visually taller and thinner. The side silhouette is similar to an innovative athletic running shoe. You are not running anywhere yet, and people already consider you an athlete and a fashionista.

The rear doors are masked by a handle raised closer to the roof. Thus, it was possible to create the illusion of a coupe. The line of windows is favorably emphasized by the chrome molding. The rear windows are small, almost half the size of the front ones.

The tailgate also seems miniature due to the inscribed trapezium, which is wrapped around by protruding lights. From the rear, the C-HR resembles a spaceship, with a complex rear wing, tinted glass and spectacular taillights, which are connected in the new version with a horizontal line.

Toyota has a strong slope of the windshield and especially the rear window. The trunk has a small volume (290 l). In addition, there is a spare wheel and a 12-volt battery. There are not very many places left for sacks of potatoes dear to the heart of the Ukrainian driver.

How a hybrid works

The car has an internal combustion engine, a high-voltage battery and an electric motor. In the «full» hybrid Toyota C-HR, the engines work alternately or together. The crossover starts on an electric motor, and then the internal combustion engine is connected to work. During braking and coasting, kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy and charges the battery. This charge is used by the electric motor, which allows the gasoline engine to rest.

The benefits of hybrids are undeniable: they produce less emissions and save fuel when the electric motor is running, and when both engines are connected, the car has more power. In addition, there is no need to look for a charger.

The hybrid operates in three modes that switch automatically: Charge (energy recovery and battery charging), eco (the car selects an environmentally optimal mode) and power (the internal combustion engine or both motors are running).

The driver can activate the EV-mode. It instructs the car to drive exclusively on electric traction and not waste gasoline. To prevent EV mode from disengaging, you need to drive smoothly and do not accelerate more than 50 km / h. So I managed to drive 2.4 km.
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