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Toyota FJ BRUISER | SEMA Show 2023


Toyota FJ BRUISER | SEMA Show 2023. With the eagerly-anticipated return of the Land Cruiser to the U.S. market, Toyota has paid homage to Land Cruiser’s roots by creating the “FJ
Bruiser”—an unstoppable rock crawling beast that can go virtually anywhere.
The most significant challenge was fitting modern, terrain-conquering technology into and onto a relatively space-constrained 1966 Toyota
FJ45 Land Cruiser pickup. The team chose to fabricate a full tube chassis and roll cage to mate seamlessly with the body. A full trailing arm suspension with Fox® shocks and Eibach® springs suspends the chassis, with 42-inch BF Goodrich® Krawler T/A KX tires mounted to 20-inch
Method® “Double Standard” Beadlock wheels at each corner.

A visit to Toyota Racing Development in Costa Mesa, CA gave the FJ Bruiser the might of a NASCAR® Cup Car in the form of a 358 cu.in., 725
horsepower V8 engine. A MagnaFlow® exhaust projects the engine’s intimidating exhaust note, while power is transferred by way of a 3-speed,
automatic, race-built Rancho Drivetrain Engineering® transmission.
FJ Bruiser remains a solid axle vehicle that features front and rear Currie® differentials and an Advanced Adapter Atlas® transfer case that
provides four 2WD speeds and four 4WD speeds. This set-up allows FJ Bruiser to crawl at 12 mph revving to 7,000 rpm in the lowest gear and
all the way up to 165 mph at that same 7,000 rpm engine speed in highest gear.

Should ground clearance ever become an issue, the team replaced the center skid plate with a tank-like track system that can be used to
power out of any high centered situation. The CAMSO® track is controlled from the cockpit, so the driver can stay securely seated; no need to
unstrap and find something to tie off the winch. Tank mode can be activated with the push of a button.

Moving inside, Complete Customs® worked with the team to outfit the interior. MOMO® Daytona EVO seats were reskinned in paint scheme-
colored plaid, an homage to the FJ’s original plaid bench seat, along with a vintage 1968 Jackie Stewart championship MOMO® steering wheel.

Source : Toyota

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