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Volkswagen ID.7: a new electric vehicle for Volkswagen.


Volkswagen ID.7: a new electric vehicle for Volkswagen.. Volkswagen ID.7: a new electric vehicle for Volkswagen. The ID.7 is largely inspired by the ID concept. Aero , presented in China last June. Even if the model presented at CES remains camouflaged by a mysterious painting, we can note some similar features with the other models of the ID family. The ID.7 will also use the MEB platform which also serves the other electric models of the German brand.

Official specs for the ID.7 have yet to be shared, but whether Volkswagen remains true to the ID concept. Aero, we should be dealing with a car with a template similar to that of the late Passat .

As for range, Volkswagen says the production model could be able to travel up to 700 kilometers on a single charge. Note, however, that these calculations were made using the European standard WLTP, known to be very generous. We bet that the real autonomy will be much less.

A few technologies to keep in mind.

It is no coincidence that Volkswagen unveils this camouflaged ID.7 at CES, the annual high mass of the technology industry. The manufacturer of course wants to highlight the techno side of its new sedan.

Volkswagen emphasizes in particular that the ID.7 will integrate a new digitally controlled air conditioning system. “The new air conditioning system has smart air vents and offers a number of functions. For example, the ID.7 can detect when the driver approaches with their key and can start cooling the interior on hot summer days or heating the interior on cold days before the driver gets in. the vehicle. “Explains the manufacturer in its official press release.

The Volkswagen ID.7 will also incorporate a head-up display system with augmented reality as well as a 15-inch touchscreen.

Finally, note that the paint used to create the camouflage of this vehicle illuminates interactively, says Volkswagen. No less than 40 layers of paint were applied to the vehicle (some conductive and others with insulating properties). «A total of 22 areas of the vehicle can be controlled separately and are electrified under the top coat of paint so that they light up,» says the manufacturer.

The production version of the Volkswagen ID.7 will be unveiled in the second quarter of 2023. No price or expected release date has been announced at this time.
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