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Volkswagen ID. Buzz: the Bus is back and it’s 100% electric!


Volkswagen ID. Buzz: the Bus is back and it’s 100% electric!. Volkswagen ID. Buzz: the Bus is back and it’s 100% electric! Five years after the concept of the same name, the all-new Volkswagen ID. Buzz is officially unveiled today in its production version, reviving the spirit of the famous Type 2 minivan – also called Bus, Microbus, Combi or Samba, depending on the region of the globe where you live – in a resolutely modern formula. and 100% electric.

It will take extra patience, however. The models presented today in world premiere, including the ID. Buzz Cargo, are the ones that will start selling in Europe this summer.

The IDs. Buzz for North America, featuring a longer wheelbase and three rows of seats, will be unveiled in 2023 and go on sale in 2024, with production taking place in Hannover, Germany. Volkswagen Canada communications director Thomas Tetzlaff says it’s still too early to give us details about them.

A new crush.

Those who remember the defunct Volkswagen Routan will quickly forget it when they see this new retro-futuristic minivan that is much more likely to touch sensitive chords and arouse passions. Its friendly face and optional two-tone exterior (with white hood and roof) are just the start.

The overhangs remain very short and the glazed surface generous. All of the lighting, including the thin bar that connects the headlights up front and the taillights, is LED. Note the «VW» emblem which is larger than on the brand’s other vehicles, as with the original vans. On some versions, the lighting comes alive when the driver approaches and when the doors are opened. It is also about wheels measuring 18 to 21 inches and a turning diameter of just 11.1 meters.

A cabin that makes you smile.

Inside, space and technology are in the spotlight. In the two-row configuration, which we won’t have here, front seats with adjustable armrests and folding tables in the backrest, as well as a 60/40 sliding and folding rear bench seat, are required. An optional variable-height boot floor gives 1,121 liters of cargo volume. The three-row configuration will add a two-seat bench seat to accommodate a total of seven passengers.

Note that a mix of colors (your choice) adorns the cabin, and styling touches like etched designs (including the side-view van and even a «Smiley») adorn the seats and panels. Ambient lighting with up to 30 colors is also included.

By the way, the IDs. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo will be the first models from Volkswagen not to use animal leather or non-renewable materials, preferring synthetic and recycled fibers instead.

The cockpit consists of a 10-inch digital instrument panel and a central 10 or 12-inch touch screen (depending on the version) that give the impression of floating tablets. Under the second, there are touch controls to control certain functions, including the air conditioning. Instead of a shifter or buttons like in more and more vehicles, the driver has a stalk on the steering column that they have to turn forward to set the ID. Buzz on or backward to reverse. The center console can be moved and removable as an option for more versatility.

The MEB platform is back in service.

Technically, we find the same MEB platform used by other members of the ID range. from Volkswagen, such as the ID.4 crossover . The motorization announced for the moment sends 201 horsepower and a torque of 229 lb-ft to the rear wheels. Its energy comes from an 82 kWh lithium-ion battery (net capacity of 77 kWh), which recharges from 5% to 80% in 30 minutes via a fast terminal capable of supplying direct current of 170 kilowatts. Those of the Electric Circuit are generally 50 or 100 kilowatts.

Volkswagen says other batteries and power levels will follow. A heat pump is available to recover heat and heat the passenger compartment in winter without affecting range too much. By the way, the company does not yet give any figures on how far it will be possible to travel with the ID. buzz.
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