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VOLKSWAGEN ID CODE – High-Tech SUV. Volkswagen is intensifying its focus on the Chinese market with a strategic approach tailored to the preferences of Chinese customers. The unveiling of the Volkswagen ID CODE design show car at the Auto China 24 trade fair in Beijing exemplifies this commitment, offering a glimpse into the future of Volkswagen’s electric SUV lineup. Engineered for Level 4 autonomous driving, the VW ID CODE showcases Volkswagen’s dedication to innovation and customer-centric design, aligning with the preferences of Chinese consumers, especially younger demographics.

Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen brand, underscores the brand’s successful 40-year history in China and its dedication to shaping the future of mobility in the region. The company’s strategy in China revolves around three key pillars: an expanded product portfolio emphasizing electrification, a bespoke brand and design language tailored for Chinese consumers, and local technical development to drive innovation. With the ID. CODE, Volkswagen aims to set a new standard in mobility, integrating cutting-edge design, technology, and brand experience to meet the evolving needs of Chinese customers.

Looking ahead, Volkswagen’s ambitious plans for the Chinese market include a broadening ID. family with 16 models by 2030, including offerings from the new ID.UX sub-brand. This expansion encompasses electric and plug-in hybrid models, supported by local partnerships and development initiatives to address diverse consumer demands. The introduction of ID.UX represents Volkswagen’s commitment to offering lifestyle-oriented electric vehicles with advanced design and technology, aimed at capturing the imagination of Chinese consumers seeking sustainable and innovative mobility solutions.

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