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World Premiere: All-New Lancia Ypsilon 2024


World Premiere: All-New Lancia Ypsilon 2024. The new Lancia Ypsilon is the first production car to apply Lancia Pu+Ra Design (the name a combination of ‘pure’ and ‘radical’), the one-of-a-kind Lancia design language destined to last over time. Emphasizing the combination of tradition and innovation, the model brings the brand into the new era using vocabulary untypical for the automotive industry: the volumes are created by superimposing successive layers, adding and intersecting basic and iconic shapes. The bodywork features the soft, elegant pure, and sensual shapes of the Aurelia and Flaminia, combined with the most modern expressions of radicalism inspired by the brand’s sporting history, embodied by the renowned Stratos and Delta, and by the language of architecture, furnishings, and fashion.

The reference to the brand’s most brutal soul emerges clearly in the car’s rear, which features the greatest lighting system in the segment in terms of technology and extent. New Lancia Ypsilon includes iconic round full-LED headlights, recalling the unforgettable Lancia Stratos, a legendary model in the world of rallying. The two headlights now contain a new design element, the letter Y, an extreme symbolic synthesis arranged horizontally within the circumferences, framing the new Lancia lettering. The Y is made with a brushed stainless-steel finish, marked out by the original font inspired by one of the outstanding Italian industries most closely linked to the brand’s history, fashion, the hallmark of the brand’s future to increase its appeal and constant contemporaneity.

An ideal conversation between purity and radicalism, also emphasized by the Ypsilon lettering that appears on the rear, the ‘handwritten’ characters are inspired by iconic and historic Lancia cars that symbolized purity, such as the Fulvia, Flavia and Flaminia.

The new lettering also features on the glossy black front, inspired by the Lancia Beta Montecarlo. The Lancia inscription stands out above a modern reinterpretation of the historic grille, the ‘chalice’, taken forward into the future by the futuristic three rays of LED light that make it iconic, memorable, and recognizable from afar, both day and night. This double signature of ‘chalice lettering’ is due to appear on the front of all three of the brand’s new models: a ‘chalice of light’ that virtually embraces the brand name and clearly marks Lancia’s new identity as it enters the electric era.

Another feature is the refinement of the new logo, a Progressive Classic element marking the brand’s entry into electric mobility, reworking all the hallmarks of the historic brand – the steering wheel, flag, shield, lance, and inscription – in a reinterpretation with a modern twist to drive them ahead into the future. All these constituent elements of the brand symbolize Lancia’s nobility and heritage, simplified in terms of lines and shapes, and positioned in a new balance that expresses innovation, premium positioning, and the Italian spirit, with a touch of eclecticism added by the asymmetrical lance.

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