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World Premiere of the New Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO


World Premiere of the New Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO. With the Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO, the performance and sports car brand launches a non-homologated race car for track days.

A highlight of the Mercedes-AMG GT2 PRO is its new Push2Pass function: by pushing the button on the steering wheel, the boost is temporarily increased and the full performance potential of the AMG 4.0 litre V8 biturbo engine is unleashed. As a result, a total of up to 750 horsepower (551 kW) is available for a while. The basic output is 707 hp. Developed exclusively for the GT2 PRO, the Push2Pass feature allows the driver to have even more control of the individual track day performance. The power is being transferred by a sequential six-speed racing gearbox with modified gear ratios. Like in all Mercedes-AMG race cars, the transmission is mounted on the rear axle in transaxle configuration and connected to the engine by means of a carbon fibre torque tube with a high torsion and torque stiffness. The chassis includes comprehensively adjustable four-way motorsport shock absorbers.

Price: 479,000 EUR net

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