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world’s first Apple car.


world’s first Apple car.. world’s first Apple car. Rumor has it that it has no steering wheel and a glass canopy that opens like a jet fighter. The long-awaited Apple car is due in 2025 and Apple has been very quiet about it. The car, known internally as Project Titan, still has no official name or appearance. But with Supercar tech, Blondie reveals what you can expect from the tech giant’s first car.

And judging by these renders, it will be one of the most unique creations ever seen in the automotive world.

First, rumors suggest that it won’t have a steering wheel and will feel more like an autonomous shuttle than a driver-focused car.

Instead of looking ahead, the seats will face the center of the car, because who needs to look at the road if you’re not driving?

It will sport a super sleek, minimalistic and futuristic design. There will also be no door handles. That’s because instead of four doors, it will have one giant panel that opens up to reveal a cockpit that looks like a jet fighter.

Inside an Apple car.

The interior is where the Apple car will truly set itself apart from everything else on the road.

It will be a festival of lights and technology.

There will be a massive touch screen spanning the length of the cabin, giving passengers access to all of the apps they would have on their iPhones.

There will also be iPads mounted on the car walls facilitating Facetime calls.

And the technology will never age because iOS would be updated remotely just like it is on your iPhone.

Meanwhile, at the front of the car, there will be no visible steering wheel.

Instead, it will be stowed away on the dashboard and only revealed when absolutely necessary; this would allow passengers to take control of the vehicle and operate it manually.

Apple, which reportedly has hundreds of employees currently working on the project, is actively looking for a partner with which to build the car.

The company is reportedly in talks with Nissan, Hyundai-Kia, and even Porsche.

So, something is definitely cooking – but just what it will look like is anyone’s guess.
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