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World’s First Automotive Display in Swarovski Crystal !


World’s First Automotive Display in Swarovski Crystal !. With the Crystal Center Display, Continental is presenting the world’s first automotive display to be fully embedded in a crystal housing. Thanks to its frameless and semi-transparent look, it opens up entirely new possibilities for a minimalist luxury interior. The 10-inch display is based on the latest microLED technology, which allows for unprecedented levels of brightness and contrast. The image-generating microLED panel is suspended in an artfully composed crystal body, creating the illusion that the content displayed is floating.

The combination of the automotive display and real crystal was developed in collaboration with Swarovski Mobility. The volumetric crystal body gets its distinctive faceting from special grinding techniques. The unique transparency of the crystal element makes the center console behind it
visible – so that this becomes the central interaction surface in the vehicle’s interior.

The innovative and minimalist design also impressed the jury at the CES 2024: The Crystal Center Display was short-listed as an Innovation Award honoree in the category of “vehicle technology and advanced mobility” for its outstanding product design.

Source : Continental

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