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2018 MINI Cooper S 3 Door


2018 MINI Cooper S 3 Door. 2018 MINI Cooper S 3 Door – Drive, Interior and Exterior.

MINI 3 door, MINI5 door, MINI Convertible: overview of new features.
• LED headlights with Matrix function for the high beam.
• LED rear lights in Union Jack design.
• New MINI logo, new body finishes, Piano Black exterior.
• New light alloy wheels.
• Extended range of leather trim, interior surfaces and Colour Lines.
• Unique individualisation with MINI Yours Customised.
• Further developed engines with enhanced efficiency as well as increased capacity and torque for MINI One and MINI One First.
• 7-speed Steptronic transmission with double clutch, 8-speed Steptronic transmission.
• Multifunction steering wheel and radio with 6.5-inch colour screen, USB and Bluetooth interface as standard.
• Optional radio and navigation systems with touchscreen monitor.
• Telephony with wireless charging.
• MINI logo projection from the exterior mirror on the driver’s side.
• MINI Connected and MINI Connected XL with new functions.

A modified design for the characteristic circular headlights make the hallmark front view of the new MINI 3 door, the new MINI 5 door and the new MINI Convertible even more powerfully expressive. In the standard halogen headlights, a striking accentuation is added by means of a black panel. In the LED headlights available as optional equipment items, the high-quality technology is underscored by means of an entirely newly design of the light sources. The latest generation of the LED modules for low and high beam offers increased brightness. The LED daytime driving light and the turn indicator light are generated by a ring which surrounds the entire contour of the headlight,

Likewise optionally available, the adaptive LED headlights automatically adjust their brightness to the situation on the road. When driving through a city or in the event of limited visibility due to the weather, it is possible to add in the dimmed turning light so as to intensify illumination of the side section of the roadway. Meanwhile a specifically increased range of the low beam ensures optimum illumination of the road when driving on the motorway.

The adaptive LED headlights now also feature an automatic selective dip function for the high beam. The innovative Matrix technology for the high beam increases visibility range while at the same time avoiding any dazzle effect for other road users. For this purpose it is divided into four horizontally arranged segments, which are activated and deactivated independently of one another at speeds of over 70 km/h. The high beam segments are controlled based on the situation on the road. As soon as the MINI front camera registers an oncoming vehicle or a vehicle driving ahead, the space that vehicle occupies is only illuminated at low beam brightness. This is done by deactivation of the Matrix high beam segments that are responsible for the space in question. The remaining areas of the road continue to be illuminated at high beam brightness.


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