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Ferrari F8 Spider – 211MPH Open-Top Sports Car

Ferrari F8 Spider – 211MPH Open-Top Sports Car. The Ferrari F8 Spider was designed in parallel with the F8 Tributo berlinetta and features the Prancing Horse’s compact and efficient RHT (Retractable Hard Top) which influences the lines of a model that leads its category.

The new generation drop-top sports car equipped with the most successful mid-rear-mounted V8 in history.

The F8 Spider replaces the 488 Spider and improves on all aspects of its specifications: aside from the fact that its engine delivers an extra 50 cv, the new Ferrari is 20 kg lighter than its predecessor. It weighs just 20 kg more than the more extreme 488 Pista Spider. The F8 Spider is significantly more aerodynamically efficient, too and features the new 6.1 version of the Side Slip Angle Control system.

The V8’s technical specifications are truly exceptional. The 3902 cc unit unleashes 720 cv at 8,000 rpm and also has an impressive specific power output of 185 cv/l. Its maximum torque is now higher at all engine speeds, peaking at 770 Nm at 3,250 rpm.

0-60mph: 2.8s
0-100kph: 2.9s
0-124mph: 8.1s
0-200kph: 8.2s
Top speed: 211mph / 340kph

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