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2018 Honda Accord Sport – Confident and Sophisticated

2018 Honda Accord Sport – Confident and Sophisticated. Touring trims of the Accord 1.5 and 2.0-liter models are available with SPORT mode, which is selectable via a button on the center console. SPORT mode alters a range of chassis features, including suspension dampers, steering assist level, Agile Handling Assist, as well as powertrain features, including Drive By Wire, shift mapping (with automatic transmission), and Active Sound Control (ASC). With SPORT mode selected, the Accord takes on a more aggressive, fun-to-drive edge.

Accord Sport models offer available 6-speed manual transmissions (6MT) with either the 1.5-liter or 2.0-liter turbocharged engines. The two manual transmissions are engineered to match the displacement and torque output of the engine they are paired with. Both units offer smooth and precise shift feel and great efficiency, making them the perfect complement to the Accord’s sporting side. A constant-mesh helical reverse gear mechanism significantly reduces noise when reverse is used. A reverse lockout feature prevents the transmission from accidentally being shifted into reverse while the car is moving forward.

Touring trims and Sport trims with automatic transmission for both the 1.5- and 2.0-liter engines feature dual steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. Particularly useful in mountainous terrain or during spirited driving, the paddles give the driver greater control over transmission operation. On long downgrades, the driver can command downshifts with the paddles that allow increased engine braking to reduce the load on the brakes and help control the Accord’s downhill speed.

By selecting the “S” position with the shifter (CVT) or pressing the SPORT button (10AT), Sequential mode is engaged. This mode offers automatic operation with more aggressive shift mapping. A pull on either of the paddle shifters places the transmission in fully manual mode until another mode of operation is selected. A digital display in the instrument cluster indicates which gear the transmission is in.

In the CVT transmission, a double-kick-down feature lets the driver command a sporty double downshift – such as from fifth to third gear. By pulling on the left downshift paddle twice in rapid succession, the transmission will drop directly to the chosen lower gear ratio. With the 10AT, the Drive-by-Wire™ throttle system also creates a “blip” of the throttle to help match gear speeds while downshifting.

To prevent harm to the powertrain when the transmission is paddle shifted by the driver (including during double-kick-down shifts), the system will inhibit potentially damaging shifts. As an added safety measure, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) can also cut off fuel to the engine to prevent over-revving. If fuel cutoff is insufficient to prevent engine over-revving, as may be possible when the vehicle is on a steep downhill, the transmission will automatically upshift to prevent damage. On downshifts, the transmission will not execute a driver command that will over-rev the engine.


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